SC House Judiciary Committee

South Carolina State House Judiciary Committee

F. Gregory “Greg” Delleney Jr. Chairman

James E. Smith Jr. First Vice Chairman

Rick Quinn Second Vice Chairman

Bruce W. Bannister

Don C. Bowen

Alan D. Clemmons

J. Derham Cole Jr.

Laurie Slade Funderburk

Daniel P. “Dan”Hamilton

Jenny Anderson Horne

Ralph Shealy Kennedy, Jr.

Peter M. McCoy Jr.

Joseph A. “Joe” McEachern

Walton J. McLeod

Christopher J. “Chris” Murphy

Elizabeth R. Munnerlyn

Wendy K. Nanney

Wm. Weston J. Newton

Thomas E. “Tommy” Pope

J. Todd Rutherford

Bakari T. Sellers

Edward R. “Eddie” Tallon, Sr.

Anne J. Thayer

J. David Weeks

J. Seth Whipper


Dennis, Patrick G. Chief Counsel

Dean Emma Assistant Chief Counsel

Anderson, Linda C. Executive Secretary

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