H. 3186 Unintelligent Save Our Children Gun Lock Act

H. 3186 is called the “Save Our Children Gun Lock Act.”  This is a lock up your safety gun bill.  A person would be required to keep their guns locked up unless the guns were being carried on the person or being used.  On first appearance, it sounds reasonable.  But, the best available research demonstrates that appearances can be deceiving.

Some states have already passed such laws requiring that guns be locked up.  And, no lives have been saved.  But, more importantly, more lives have been lost.  There has been a net loss of life in the states where these laws have been enacted.  Why?

Responsible people keep their guns out of the hands of children, while irresponsible people fail to do so.  After a trigger lock law is enacted, irresponsible people are still irresponsible and they still do not lock up their guns.  And, the number of children that die because of irresponsible people does not change.  But, responsible people become more afraid of government persecution than they do the criminal element, so they lock up their guns.  And, the number of children that die because of responsible people does not change.

What does change is that now when criminals attack the responsible people, the good guys are unarmed and become victims – dead victims.  So, the fact is that trigger lock laws lead to more people being killed, and they do not save lives.  So, while there may be good intentions associated with a lock up your safety gun bill, the facts reveal that such laws only cause more deaths and destruction.

If this bill was such a good way to save lives, then why would it exempt law enforcement officers?  Some would say that law enforcement officers are exempted because it is known that such laws do not save lives and are only enacted to harass gun owners.  A violation of this bill could incur a lifetime federal firearms disability, which would put a law enforcement officer out of his job.

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