H. 3044 Fraudulent Firearms and Ammunition Purchase Prevention

H. 3044 is named “Fraudulent Firearms and Ammunition Purchase Prevention,” but should be called the “Get Mayor Bloomberg Act.”  H. 3044 makes it a SC felony for a person to try to buy ammo or a firearm when the person knows that doing so would violate the law, or to provide “materially false information with intent to deceive the dealer or seller about the legality of a transfer of a firearm or ammunition.”

“Materially false information” is defined as “information that portrays an illegal transaction as legal or a legal transaction as illegal.”  So, if a person does something that is legal while pretending he is doing something illegal, then he will have committed a felony here in SC.

This bill is intended to punish the likes of Mayor Bloomberg for sending people to SC to purchase firearms and then make it appear as if SC is the root of the nation’s gun violence.

Is this law really needed?  It is already a federal felony for a prohibited person to try to buy a firearm from a licensed dealer.  It is already a felony for a prohibited person to possess a firearm obtained from a private seller.  Do we really want to enact a law making it a felony to pretend that one is doing something illegal when one is not?  What kind of bureaucracy will need to be created to enforce this law?  Or, is this just another example of politicians thinking that another law is the answer because the hundreds and thousands of existing laws are not enough?

H. 3044 should be left to die in the subcommittee just as it died in subcommittee last session as H. 3882.

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